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Holiday Wishlist 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 9:13 PM
whoops I am so bad about finishing wishlists on time ahahaaaa. //flops over//

For :iconholiday-art-exchange:

I'd love it if any of the following characters were drawn for me:

Alshat (Top pickkkkkk |D)
Ardeos Bane.:Alshat:.App by PaleRedPanicAlshat Commission by 01604

*Ignore information on character reference other than eye/tail description
Gargoyle Necromancer! (conjuring and  talking to spirits of the dead -necromancer type not...dark magic specifically) Doesn't speak much, so he can appear quite grumpy, but when he does its usually him being overly excitable about something he loves. Enjoys astronomy and astrology. (Super self conscious of his raspy voice.)

Moira - Jezebel (the girl)
06262014 by PaleRedPanic.:Horror of Our Love Ref Lines:. by PaleRedPanic

Moira is loud spoken and brash. She's pretty loud and doesn't take much nonsense from people. She spends a lot of time flipping people the bird. She has a bad mouth.
*Wears false lashes on that have large red red spots on the end. Occasionally she swaps them out for ones that have red bows on the upper lid lashes.
*Has lots of freckles! (not pictured)
*Black hair and amber eyes.

.:Horror of Our Love Ref Lines:. by PaleRedPanicPC - PaleRedShin 2 by mlle-annette
Baaaaaasically Kazuki is a serial killer with a hand obsession (likes to create hand casts from his victims) who moonlights as a mask maker and occasional marionette maker. He mostly wears suits and enjoys pinstripe patterns. (His mask of choice is featured in first reference. Red drips down side of right (his left) side of mask, tassels are yellow) He has blue-black hair and lavender eyes. He and Moira are a couple but they bicker more often than not....
*Very charismatic and friendly. But he only puts up with being bossed around by Moira and will retaliate swiftly and without mercy if anyone else tries to treat him like she does.

*I'd love art Kazuki and Jezebel together, but them by themselves is awesome as well! c:

(sorry don't have recent dA hosted references)… (WHEN IN DOUBT USE THIS REF)… (middle)…
CD.:Summer Love:. by PaleRedPanic (middle)

Basically Yang is a giant shitlord. He likes to act super tough and suave but he's really kind of clumsy baby. He has a navel piercing and is really...really opposed to wearing shirts because he is a special kind of vain. (And in case it isn't obvious in the new references he has an undercut and his bangs sweep to the right (his left).) He's made of blocky muscle.
*Black hair, green eyes.

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